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How far can I go on a single charge?

-Battery range on a single full charge can stretch up to 25 miles.

What is the maximum speed?

-The maximum speed is limited to 20 mph, some states regulate the use of electric bicycles on public roads on paths differently. All of our bikes fall into the Class 2 Category which means they have motors smaller than 750 Watts, can be operated without pedaling and do not exceed 20 mph with the motor power alone.

How long does it take to fully charge a depleted battery?

-Typical battery full charging time is 5 hrs.

Do I need a special license or register my vehicle with the DMV?

Although we encourage you to check your local laws at all times our products are designed with a limited top speed of 20 mph when propelled by the motor only and the motor is smaller than 750 watts, our products are still considered regular electric bicycles and do not require special license, registration or liability insurance.
Always check your local laws and regulations for access to public bicycle roads and paths.

What is the maximum weight capacity?

-Payload varies depending on the model, consult your model specifications for maximum user weight and extra load.

What kind of warranty do our bicycles have?

-Each vehicle has a limited warranty for 1 year from the time of the purchase and 3 months of labor. Consult your warranty terms in your user manual for more details.
For any shipping damages you must immediately contact EMOJO customer service and submit pictures of the damaged packaging and or/vehicle so we can take action with shipping carrier. EMOJO will ship free of charge any broken, defective or missing parts if applicable.

Is there a return policy?

-Returns are only allowed within 7 natural days of receiving the purchased vehicle and only if the manufacturer fails to solve any mechanical or technical problem related to manufacturing defect or severe shipping damages.
If the return claim is valid the customer will receive a refund for the amount of the purchase price minus a repacking and restocking fee of 25%.
For a claim related to shipping damages you must present pictures of the damaged product at the time of the delivery. Please request a Return and Exchange and Authorization. (Contact customer support for a REA form). Once the return and exchange authorization is issued we will email you a RAM number and return instructions. You must have the RAM number when shipping back the returned unit.

What happens if my vehicle requires service or a repair while is under the warranty period?

-EMOJO vehicles require similar maintenance than regular bicycles such as chain tension, lubrication, screws and nuts re-torque etc. However there are certain components that given the case may require certain skill to replace therefore if it applies and the vehicle is still under warranty contact EMOJO for a list of available bike repair shops near you.
Labor costs are only covered for 3 months. In some cases EMOJO can ship the replacement parts directly to you but in some cases parts could be shipped directly to the repair shop.

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